Sun Rich SR4742 Two Person Sauna - Body Basics
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Sun Rich SR4742 Two Person Sauna

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Sun Rich Saunas use a safe, radiant infrared heat source similar to
those used by doctors and physical therapists. Infrared heat is both safe
enough to be used in incubators to warm newborns and effective enough
to be used in professional sports therapy. The radiant heat warms the
body directly - not the air. The Sun Rich Saunas operate at a safer, more
comfortable temperature range of 110° – 130°F.

  • Features:

    • 2 Person Capacity
    • 47″ x 42″ x 78″
    • 6″Front Overhang
    • Interior & Exterior LED Control
    • Natural Hemlock Wood
    • 120 Volt / 15 Amp Outlet
    • FM Radio/CD/MP3 AUX
    • Exterior Ambient Lighting
    • 6 Carbon Tech Heaters
    • Tempered Glass Door/
    • 2 front windows
    • Interior Reading Light
    • 7 Color Chromotherapy
    • Roof Vent
    • 7 Year Limited Warranty on heating elements and electronics from date of purchase

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