NOHrD Eau-Me Board - Body Basics
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NOHrD Eau-Me Board


A new kind of balance board - the patented combination of classic balance training with the added element of water for challenge.

Put simply, the Eau-Me Board is all about balance, challenging the user with a constantly unsteady, shifting base – thus, forcing the body to react with each tilt. Compensatory moves engage the deep muscular system while the body responds to continual impulses and stimuli.

  • Exercising on the NOHrD Eau-Me Board will effectively activate use of your deep musculature, while conditioning coordination and balance. This space-saving piece of exercise equipment is optimal for users of all fitness levels; physiotherapists and fitness coaches alike rely on the practicality of balance boards.

    Balance Board Advantages:

    • - improves posture
    • - promotes better sense of balance
    • - increases response capacity
    • - helps decrease joint pain
    • - helps recover from back problems

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